Census of Marine Zooplankton

Exploring the Deep Sargasso Sea

April 10-30, 2006  



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Cruise Reports:

The report for the CMarZ cruise on the Ronald H. Brown, 10-30 April 2006 is available in several formats:

pdf document (PENULTIMATE print version -- all changes incorporated -- still has white space issues -- working on it)

html document (NEW VERSION -- pretty much FINAL, although spacing still varies with browser, operating system and screen resolution)

WordPerfect document (ORIGINAL DRAFT -- right-click to 'save as')

Microsoft Word document (ORIGINAL DRAFT -- right-click to 'save as')

Cruise Data:

Available on-line is a variety of data including along-track depth, gyro compass data, meteorology and flow-through data, and wind data.  CTD data from the MOCNESS tows which includes volume filtered and net closing times and positions is available as well as data from the traction winch which was used to tow the MOC1 and MOC10 (not the MOC-1/4), and the event log.   

All these data have documentation describing the parameters.  It is possible to down-load all or subsets of the data.  These pages also have the capability of making simple plots of the data you select.  Link to the data pages

Map of CMarZ stations