CMarZ SSG Meeting
Tokyo, Nov. 2006

    PowerPoint Presentations:

Bucklin - Introduction

Bucklin_- CoML_Benchmark_Goals

Bucklin_- Plans_for CMarZ_USA

Sugisaki/Tadokoro/Chiba - The Odate Collection: Time Series Monitoring in Japan

Jennings_- DNA_Barcoding

Kideys -Black & Caspian Sea data: Strategical Importance of Zooplankton for Humans

Machida/Jennings -_Molecular Analysis_and Barcoding

Madin_- CMARZ ecological analysis

Madin -_ISSP: Inner Space Speciation Project, Celebes Sea

Madin -_LAPIS: A new imaging tool for macrozooplankton

Melle_- IMR plankton monitoring activities, Norway

Melle_- MAR-ECO Zooplankton

Nair_- Indian Ocean plans

Nair_- Indian Ocean survey and protocol

Nishida_- Pacific Ocean_Survey, 2005-2006

Nishida/Thuesen - Training Parataxonomists

Sawamoto - CSK Zooplankton Collection, Tokai Univ. Japan.ppt

Song- Chinese CMarZ Activities

Verheye - Zooplankton Monitoring, Past, Present and Future

Verheye - CMarZ Activities in SW Indian Ocean

Wiebe/Copley -_How Does CMarZ work? Data and Species Pages

Wiebe/Copley_- Infrastructure needs -Data_and Species Pages

Copley_- Data:_Species Pages Handouts

Copley/Nishida_- Working Group 3_report